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August 3, 2011


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Scene 1
Jessie: I love you….
Woody: I love you too…..
[?]: Awwwww…..
*Woody and Jessie were startled and looked at the door, it was Buzz*
*Woody was confused and he got up as fast as a rocket, and he walked up to Buzz*
Woody: What are you doing here….?
Buzz: I heard Jessie got a miscarriage…. I had to come; the baby was mine after all….
Woody: Well she only needs me Buzz, so you can-
Doctor: Woody may I talk to you for a moment?
*Woody walked out of the room with the doctor, and Buzz walked towards Jessie*
Buzz: Are you okay Jessie?
Jessie: Yeah, I'm fine….
*Buzz kneeled on his knees, and held Jessie's hand*
Buzz: Jessie, I love you….. Please come back to me…..
*Jessie pulled her hand away and slapped Buzz in the face*
Jessie: NO WAY! I'm not dating you anymore…..
Buzz: Jessie, please, I'll do anything to have you back, give me one more chance, and if I mess this up then you can never date me again!
*Jessie thought for a moment, and before she would answer, Buzz kissed Jessie, and Jessie never pushed him away…..*
*At that moment Woody walked in the room, and saw Buzz and Jessie making out, and Woody was boiling mad*
*Jessie opened her eyes and realized she was kissing Buzz, then she pushed him away and looked at Woody*
Jessie: Woody…… I……. Can……. Explain……
*Tears started coming out of Woody's eyes, and he wiped them away*
Buzz: Ha, what a cry baby…..
Woody: Buzz! You BITCH!
*Woody stormed up towards Buzz, and with Woody's good arm, he punched Buzz in the face*
*Woody looked at Jessie, and he was sad*
Woody: What happened…..?
Jessie: He wanted to be my girlfriend again, and he just kissed me!
Woody: Did you want to be his girlfriend again….?
Jessie: N…..No….. I didn't…….
*Woody leaned closer to Jessie*
Woody: Are you sure……?
*Jessie sat up, and she kissed Woody*
Woody: Well…… okay…… I trust you…..
Jessie: I love you! Why would I date Buzz again!?
Woody: You would never date Buzz again….
Jessie: EXACTLY! Woody, and if I'm going to have a baby anyways….. I want it to be yours…..
*Woody smiled, and he realized what she meant by that*
*Woody leaned in and kissed Jessie*
Scene 2
*The Doctor took Buzz to his own room, and The Doctor wanted to talk to Woody again*
*The Doctor took Woody to a private room and they sat down*
Doctor: Great news Woody, your X-rays came in!
Woody: And…..?
Doctor: Your arm is healed! You can give me back your cast!
Woody: But that doesn't make any sense! You said my arm would be broken for a month! It's only been TWO WEEKS!
Doctor: Well I was wrong! And you should be happy, because now you can be yourself again! It was only a mild case!
Woody: Oh! Well, thank-you!
Doctor: No problem! Oh, and you can take Jessie home! She is fine, everything is normal!
*Woody thanked the doctor once more, and he got Jessie, and they went back to Woody's house*
Scene 3
*Woody shut and locked the front door when they entered, and when Woody turned around Jessie was taking the ribbon out of her hair*
Woody: What are you doing?
Jessie: Making myself conferrable….
Woody: Okay…..
*Jessie walked up to Woody and whispered into his ear*
Jessie:*Whisper* Come upstairs with me…. I have a surprise for you…..
*Woody began to blush, and he couldn't stop smiling*
Woody: Okay….. ;)
*Woody grinned at Jessie, and she tilted her head of confusion, and Woody picked her up and carried her up the stairs*
Woody: My arm is healed, so I can carry you now….. ;)
Jessie: Oh! :)
*Woody walked into his room and shut the door with his foot, and he put Jessie on the bed, he turned around and locked the door and he looked back at Jessie, and she smiled*
Woody: Ready……?
Jessie: Shut up and get over here, Iv'e been ready for two weeks…..!
Woody: Oh really……? ;)
*Woody grinned and got on the bed, they got themselves comfortable, and they started making out*
*They began to have sex*
Scene 4
*Jessie stopped and grabbed her stomach*
*Woody got up and was concerned*
Woody: What's wrong…..?
Jessie: I think I had too much to drink….
*Jessie suddenly got up and ran to the bathroom in Woody's room*
Woody: I told you not to drink all of the booze!
Jessie: I'm sorry, I got too excited…. That's all….
*Jessie opened the door, and she was walking like a zig zag pattern, she was dizzy*
Woody: I didn't know you were drunk…..
Jessie: I'm not….. Uhg… my head……
*Jessie layed next to Woody*
Jessie: Would you want to continue……?
Woody: Who the hell do you think I am!? Of course I'll still continue!
*And so they continued to have sex*

To Be Continued……
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Carrolll Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Brilliant still, jut read it again. [link]
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Carrolll Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
This was really good, I kinda laughed when woody called buzz a bitch, but that scene was very well written i love these stories, and your writing is creative, i can't believe buzz kissed jessie and jessie did not push him away, i can't wait to read more.
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Not a suprise to me!!!XD
Great story btw!!
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This was an interesting part to your story, and I really enjoyed reading it. I do wonder what will happen next though...

Well, keep it up!
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peblezQ Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :D
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