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Submitted on
August 3, 2011


Scene 1
*A few days went by, and Woody and Jessie haven't spent time with each other so nobody gets suspicious*
*Woody and Jessie finally decided to just go on a date, because they kept low for a while, but Jessie had to talk to Woody about something on their first date to the beach*
*Woody was getting ready for his date when somebody knocked on his door, it was Bo*
Woody: Bo!? Can I help you?
Bo: Woody, I need you back, Buzz doesn't like me, and he is too busy trying to get Jessie back…
Woody: Oh, well, I'm sorry Bo, but I've moved on…. I'm getting ready for a date….
*Bo was shocked*
Bo: Oh, well is it with Jessie? Buzz told me Jessie said she loved you…..
*Woody got scared, but he thought of something*
Woody: Oh, Jessie just said that to keep Buzz away…. Ha ha, me and Jessie are best friends! We could never love each other like that!!
Bo: Oh, well….. Hey, what's this….?
*Bo pushed Woody aside, and found a yellow ribbon on the floor, it was Jessie's ribbon*
Bo: Why is Jessie's ribbon in your house?
*Woody freaked out inside, but he made another thing up*
Woody: Ha ha, she must have left it there when she came here the day Buzz dumped her!
Bo: Woody, Jessie never takes her ribbon off; in fact, Buzz said the only time he has seen her with her ribbon off is when they had "private" time….
*Woody was red, and didn't know what to say*
Woody: SHHHH, don't tell anybody!
*Bo grinned at Woody*
Bo: Your secret is safe with me…………. AND BUZZ!
*Bo ran out the door with Jessie's ribbon, and went to go tell Buzz*
Woody: Oh, no…. I got to warn Jessie!
Scene 2
*Woody ran to Jessie at the beach*
Woody: Jessie Bo-
Jessie: Woody, I need to tell you something really important….
Woody: Jessie, you don't understand, Bo figured out what we did, and now she is telling Buzz, and-
Jessie: Woody, that doesn't matter…..Not right now……
Woody: How doesn't that matter? We-
Jessie: Woody, I'm pregnant!
*Woody was silent, and was shocked*
Jessie: Woody?
Woody: W – what?
Jessie: YOU got me pregnant….
*Woody was still*
Woody: It could be Buzz-
Jessie: Woody, you're the only person I was recently with……….
*Woody couldn't speak*
Jessie: Woody?
Woody: I – I'm not ready for a child Jessie……. I'm sorry…… I can't….
*Jessie cries*
Woody: Listen, just-
Jessie: I can't believe you're doing this to me….
Woody: I want to be your boyfriend, it's just that-
Jessie: Good-bye Woody…….
*Jessie walks away crying*
*Woody sighs*
Woody: What have I done……?
Scene 3
*Woody ran towards Jessie, when he saw her talking to Buzz*
Woody: Jessie! Wait!
*Jessie turned around*
Jessie: Leave me alone Woody……
*Woody was about to try to win Jessie back, when Buzz punched Woody in the face*
Jessie: *Scream* BUZZ, NO!
*Woody was knocked out*
Buzz: That's what you get for getting Jessie pregnant!
Jessie: Buzz! Why did you do that!?
*Buzz looked at Jessie*
Buzz: he is stupid, he got you pregnant after ONE time, when we did it a lot and I never got you pregnant
*Woody woke up slowly, because he heard what Buzz said*
*Woody got up, he brushed the dirt off of his clothes, when Buzz continued to beat up Woody*
Jessie: STOP!
*Nobody listened to Jessie, Woody and Buzz were fighting so much, they looked like they were going to die!*
Jessie: *Scream* Woody! Buzz! NO! STOP YOUR KILLING EACH OTHER!
*Buzz punched Woody one last time when Woody fell to the ground, and didn't get up*
*Jessie was crying, and she stroked Woody's check, and tried to wake him up*
Buzz: That ought to teach him a lesson…..
*Jessie got up and slapped Buzz SUPER hard in the face*
Jessie: What the hell is wrong with you!? I LOVE WOODY!
Buzz: Why? He got you pregnant, and he doesn't want the child-
Jessie: Uhm….. Buzz….. Woody won't get up……
*Jessie began to cry louder*

To Be Continued….
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